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Moroccan inspired home decor and furniture has been a popular go to for home decor enthusiasts and the like. From rich cushions to eclectic throws and other homewares accessories, the exotic West-African nation now inspires many a trend be it in the homewares industry and even the fashion industry.

If you've ever travelled to Morocco you'll know why it leaves a lasting impression with you. So much so that you want to bring so much of it back with you, that you can. Here's a few simple ways to turn your home into a Moroccan oasis.

1. Vibrant colours

Colour is one of the most important aspects to consider when decorating your home. If the visuals on Instagram are anything to go by, that too a plethora of them, deep, intense, saturated colours are a mainstay across Moroccan themes. From deep greens, to rustic oranges, and vibrant hues of pink an a lot more, Morocco is saturated in a richness of strong vibrant colours - and that too across their soft decor pieces to even richness in colour in their architecture. In addition, Distinctness with the use of colour and creating a sharp contrast between the pieces in the room is a key characteristic of Moroccan decor. 




2. Dynamic patterns

Moroccan decor is known for its abundant use of shapes and patterns, with a particular focus on symmetrical or mosaic patterned designs. You'll know the classic Moroccan mosaic pattern (see our throw below) which has become so popular it's used on almost anything you can think of, from tiles, wallpapers, to cushions, throws, lounges and sofas, to stationary and more.

Moroccan mosaics are extremely popular in all types of decor, basically looking like mosaic puzzles which have been repeated to create a symmetrical look. See below.

3. Rich textures and fabics

The application of using rich textures and is a common theme with Moroccan decor. Fabrics such as pure cottons and silks and lots of layering with cushions and throws adds to an intimate, cosy, and exotic feel to your living space. It's also much easier to experiment with accessories like cushions and throws whenever you're introducing a new theme from a particular culture to see what works for you. 



Helpful tips

When deciding to re-decorate your home in a Moroccan theme it's important to decide how much you want to change your living space. Do you want to add a few simple accents like cushions and throws, or are you wanting to change the entire space with furniture, lighting, and even artwork? 

Our recommendation is to decide how much you want to change your living space, and then on your colour palette, and decide whether want to introduce colours into your theme with intense greens and oranges or if you prefer minimalistic Moroccan.

Wishing you the best of luck with decorating your home like a dream!

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